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What is the Bluetooth headset NFC function 【Popular Science】
Dec 15, 2017

Now driving more and more people, and driving the new rules and prohibit driving calls, these factors led to more and more Bluetooth headset in recent years, and with the development of technology, Bluetooth headset is also more convenient to use, such as many business Bluetooth Headphones are equipped with NFC function, the operation more convenient, mentioned this feature, I believe many people are not very clear, the following, Bluetooth headset manufacturers technicians come for everyone under the science.


NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communication in English, ie near-field wireless communication technology. Developed jointly by Philips and Sony, it is a contactless identification and interconnect technology that enables close-range wireless communication between devices such as mobile devices, consumer electronics, PCs, and smart controls.


NFC offers a simple, touch-based solution that allows consumers to simply exchange information and access content and services. In the field of wireless headsets, NFC is used more for pairing and identification between devices and devices, and is not used for audio data transmission.


In the field of Bluetooth headset, NFC is the most convenient and quick matching method, which is that when the NFC-enabled mobile phone is near the NFC part near the earphone, the earphone can be automatically turned on and paired. If the phone is not paired with the headset, the phone and headset will be automatically paired and connected; if the phone is paired with the headset, the headset will automatically connect the phone. But not all Bluetooth headsets have such a feature, and even with this feature, if the phone does not support NFC features, it is useless, only the phone and Bluetooth headset have such a feature can be achieved.

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