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What are the advantages of neck-mounted Bluetooth headset compared to ear-mounted Bluetooth headset?
Dec 22, 2017

Today, the major brands of headphones in addition to their own sound quality and material make an issue, in the shape and wear on the way also has a different distinction. And different ways to wear, bringing a different experience, take now more and more popular neck-mounted Bluetooth headset, the experience of wearing it than ordinary hanging ear sports Bluetooth headset is better, I believe people who have used these two types of headphones have a deep understanding of the following, NASA technology R & D personnel come to talk about the different experiences of the two places.


1, Compared to the ear hanging Bluetooth headset, neck style Bluetooth headset fashion more concentrated, whether it is wearing suits or sportswear, are well integrated with the clothing together.

2, neck-worn Bluetooth headset can be most of the weight of the headset are concentrated in the collar part, to further enhance the wearing comfort, rather than the usual sports Bluetooth headset as the main components are in the sound chamber, a long time Wear lead to ear discomfort.


3, compared to in-ear headphones, neck-mounted Bluetooth headset has the additional advantage of being able to do longer battery life, because the neck hang enough room to accommodate the battery.

4, in function, is also much richer than the average sports ear headphones. A lot of neck-worn Bluetooth headset with NFC, APTX, magnetic, call vibration and other functions, especially the incoming vibration and NFC functions are generally hanging ear sports Bluetooth headset does not have.


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