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Dry goods! You do not know the knowledge of the IPX waterproof grade Bluetooth headset
Dec 27, 2017

Consumers buy Bluetooth headset will see some of the parameters of the product which will be marked with water level IPX4 or IPX7, etc., for these parameters, I believe many consumers are not very clear, the following, NASA technology for everyone to teach Bluetooth Headphones IPX waterproof rating knowledge.


 IP is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection in English. IP grade is the grade of protection against foreign objects in the shell of electrical equipment. It is derived from IEC 60529 standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission. In this standard, the format of IP grade is IPXX, where XX Is two Arabic numerals, the first mark number indicates the degree of protection against foreign objects, and the second mark indicates the waterproof protection level.


The specific protection level can refer to the following table:


 As can be seen from the above table:

                                  IPX1: Not completely waterproof

                                  IPX2: Not completely waterproof, poor water resistance

                                  IPX3: not completely waterproof, water resistance in general

                                  IPX4: not completely waterproof, waterproof performance in general

                                  IPX5: not completely waterproof, waterproof better

                                  IPX6: not completely waterproof, waterproof performance is good

                                  IPX7: not completely waterproof, waterproof performance is very good

                                  IPX8: completely waterproof

  This shows that, even if the product marked IPX waterproof rating, as long as it is not IPX7 or IPX8, then it is not completely waterproof. Therefore, like some Bluetooth headsets, you should pay more attention to the use of water environment, especially after exercise, if you do not wipe in time, sweat will easily enter the headphone and thus affect the performance of the headset, even with a waterproof Khan function of the headset, after use should also be promptly wiped to ensure that the headset dry.

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